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Health coaching encompasses many different parts of a body’s health by helping you make the right choices to improve your life.

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Stomp out PF&J, BD&F and
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She’s the self-proclaimed health nut/food police to help you take back your health.  You are one click away from feeling like a million bucks.

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Melody Williams

Self-Proclaimed Health Nut/Police

Hi! I’m Melody Williams, a licensed health coach, raw food chef, motivational speaker, whole food recipe book author & founder of Melody’s Raw Inspirations.  I am a self-proclaimed health nut/food police! I am passionate about educating people on how to enhance their health by eating a diet of whole, natural, and raw foods. 

Most Americans follow the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is loaded with highly processed foods that can contribute to diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes, to name a few, and can ZAP the body of energy.

By following an all-natural nutritionally-rich fruit and vegetables based diet, our body can thrive, be healthier; and perform better, both mentally and physically.

Here’s where I come in, I will coach you on how to eliminate PF&J, BD&F foods, and to embrace NDF.

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You are just a click away from reclaiming your health!

Is this you?

Do any of these things apply to you?

Digestive Issues?

Are you experiencing digestive issues such as constipation, bloating, and stomach cramps?

Lack of Knowledge?

Do you want to eat healthy, but lack the knowledge about healthy eating and nutrition?

Skin Problems?

Do you have skin problems such as acne, premature aging, and skin inflammation?

Low Energy?

Do you have little to no energy, making it difficult to engage in physical activity or exercise?

Too Busy?

Do you have a busy lifestyle and time constraints that makes it difficult to plan and prepare healthy meals?

Unhealthy Eating Habits?

Are you an emotional eater? Do you have unhealthy habits that have developed over time?

Solutions for a Healthier You

Transform Your Health with Our Coaching Program

Give You Confidence

Health coaching will give you the confidence to make better food choices.

Build New Habits

Our coaching program is designed to help you build new habits and make lasting changes.

Get Your Energy Back

We help you get your energy back, so you can feel like yourself again.

Improve Your Health

Our program will help you implement lifestyle changes that will improve your health.

Fits With Your Schedule

Our custom program makes it easy to implement a plan that fits into your busy schedule

Become Self-Aware

We will help bring mindful presence and self-awareness to the foods you eat.

Success Stories from Our Clients

Hear from Real People Who Have Transformed Their Health with Our Coaching Programs

I am so thankful for Melody and your heartfelt desire to help people maintain and reclaim physical strength, vigor, and health! The thing I most appreciate about Melody's health coaching sessions is that she makes all the information available for those who truly want to know and grow. She selected some of the most up-to-date resources to educate me. Thank you, Mel, for sharing your zeal for great health with me!
Gyquetta Jackson
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John Doe
You taught me the importance of eating right and how we eat impacts our overall health. Our discussions on avoiding PF&J and BD&F was truly eye-opening and it will forever influence how I shop for myself and my family. Thanks Coach Melody!
Deshedra Lanier
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John Doe

Invest in Your Health

Discover the Value of Our Coaching Programs for a Lifetime of Wellness

What To Expect Prior to Our Session

What To Expect During Our Session

Health Coaching Session

One hour session

Take the First Step Towards a Healthier You

Health coaches are often seen as wellness champions who can help you navigate difficult diet and lifestyle.  they help you improve overall health and well-being.  They provide education on important topics such as how to get more physical activity, stress management, and much more.

Studies show that people who have a health coach tend to eat more health-boosting fruits and vegetables and less unhealthy fats compared to people who don’t have a coach.

Whether you want to avoid gluten, eat fewer refined carbs, or eat out less, your health coach is there to provide small, tangible changes to help you reach your goals.

they are your cheerleader for better health!

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