"Our beautiful, God-made bodies react to the bad things we are exposing them to by way of sickness and disease. When our body's ping and knock of heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure and so many more diseases our bodies are only responding to the low grade fuel, we are putting in it."

Melody Williams
Melody's raw inspirations

Meet Melody Williams

I am Melody Williams, founder of Melody’s Raw Inspirations and a self-proclaimed health nut! I believe that God has given me the passion and knowledge to educate and encourage others to enhance their health by maintaining a diet of whole, natural and raw foods. My sincere desire is to coach individuals to a healthier, more active self, without any special foods or products to buy—only the rich and wonderful bounty of foods that God provides for us. My goal is to reintroduce the world to eating the way God intended in order to promote overall good health and to encourage the body to heal itself naturally.

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